Our story

Travel Creators launched in 2021,during the pandemic as a result of so many job losses and redundancies within the travel industry, the simple idea of helping thousands of Travel Creators around the world showcase their expertise to the next-generation traveller, brought the platform to life

We’ve created a space that gives you the unique and unforgettable experience you’re looking for. Our platform allows you to travel your way, by creating customisable and on-demand travel with the help of a true expert. Think of it as a travel marketplace.

Whether you’re a future traveller looking to create your own adventure or a travel creator wanting to share your expertise and grow your audience - we can help you.

Our mission

Travel Creators aims to become an influential travel industry and consumer platform that will connect experienced travel creators and travellers to an open travel marketplace. Giving every traveller an opportunity to create, collaborate and customise on-demand trips.

We’ll provide an optimised booking and searching process allowing all travellers to be in control of how they create and book travel.

  • Handpicked experienced guides

  • Fully certified and verified
  • Multilingual private tours

  • Enjoy a tailored experience
  • Unique experiences

  • Designed by Travel Creators

Meet your Travel Creators

guide photo Valdis Riga
guide photo Simpy & John Cape Town
guide photo Tarryn Johannesburg
guide photo Beryl Edinburgh
guide photo Neda Barcelona
guide photo Laureline Barcelona
guide photo Rebecca
guide photo Bianca Berlin
guide photo Caterina Berlin
guide photo Alessia Rome
guide photo Dubai
guide photo Chanti Cape Town
guide photo Amina Amman

Brands we work with

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