Alternative Christmas Gift

Rethink the Christmas Gifts

Christmas time is almost upon us, and you need to find the perfect gift for your family and friends. It can be very stressful, you probably already gifted your best ideas, now what? What if the person doesn’t like it? What if they already have it? For the person receiving the gift there is also a dilemma. How many little secret santa gifts did you receive that are taking space in your home but it’s no appropriate to get rid of just yet? We can all agree that we have a lot more stuff than we should in our home. Even bigger problem that comes with all the gifts is the encouragement of consumerism, which needs the use of more resources and is very harmful for the environment.

travel gift

What if we start re-thinking about non-tangible items as a gift. Let us go back into childhood for a moment. What are the best memories you have? I would bet, the ones you have gone to the zoo or to the theme park with you parents; or maybe surprise party by your friends, a song or a poem written by your loved one? All of these are memorable because it is personal, engaging and bonding. A gift such as a new experience or an activity, will tick the boxes. An experience or an activity or a one-off workshop is great way to have fun, do something memorable, learn new skills and bond with your loved ones if you are doing it together.

According to a recent study the consensus in all ages, genders and ethnicities was that when it comes to choosing to receive either an item or an experience such as dining, traveling or show/event tickets, every demographic agreed the latter is the best gift. And if you are worried about expenses, you can always find a gift to fit your budget and it doesn’t have to be any more expensive than any other present you were going to gift in the first place. The emotional and mental engagement of the person to the gift increases its monetary value without having to spend more. In many cases a small experience based gift can change a person. Many great musicians, artists, athlete, explorers have started their journey with one activity or workshop that was gifted to them. Have you seen 2018 John Lewis Christmas ad with John Lennon? Additionally, a lot of experiences can be easily customisable to the receivers likes. That can be anything from a food tour in beautiful Paris , photography in the architectural wonder that is Edinburgh, biking in the south of Spain to a treasure hunt in Berlin. Whatever they choose, they are going to appreciate the gift and it’s going to be an exciting experience for them that they will remember for a long time.

experience card

"We want to simplify the process of gifting an experience or an activity to your loved one. Simply go to our tour and choose the amount you want to spend on a gift, put in your details, choose the language of that person, and write a special note at the bottom. You can choose a random date as the person gifted this experience will be able to choose any day of the 2019. We will put the note on a digital Christmas card and send an email to the person receiving the gift. That person can create a custom experience with the language, date, city and type of experience and enjoy it when wanted. If an experience is not used till December next year, we will offer you to enjoy it for yourself, or re-gift to someone else. It is really a win win situation for all. So let's start gifting a memory not a thing. For any questions email us at [email protected]

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