Thirty+ Alternative Sights to see in ten cities

Already seen Eifell, Big Ben and Empire State Building? Check these alternatives sights out for your next trip!


Camden - Visitors who are looking to spend a day exploring local markets; eating from local cafes and restaurants and Regent Park area will enjoy Camden Neighbourhood of London. Easily reachable by public transport, the area is also home to London Zoo. Kensington & South Kensington - Kensington area is a popular area for families with large choice of free museums, galleries and parks. Kensington is also not short on the range of local cafes and restaurants. Soho - One of the most central neighbourhoods is also one of the most diverse ones. Soho is famous for its fashion, night life and is celebrated by LGBTQ+ community. The area is a melting pot for international munching and feasting Notting Hill - Hosting the world's largest street festival, the area is also home to cinema, theatres and traditional pubs. The neighbourhood is suitable to enjoy in a sunny weather as well as when London gets a bit cloudy and cold.


Bunkers del Carmel - Visitors, who are looking for hidden gem to have the best city view and access to incredible sunset views, shall visit Bunkers del Carmen. Not only the sight is famous amongst photographers for the views and locals for picnics and dates, it also gives a glimpse into recent history. Monastery of Pedrables - This incredible architecture dates back to 14th century, giving a chance for visitors to step into ancient history and away from the hustle and noise of the city. Traditionally, the Monastery was home for nuns, also known as Poor Clares. Event today, small number of nuns can be seen in the sight. Mercats - For lovers of local culture, people, produce and antiques, city Markets are perfect. Barcelona hosts dozens of food and non-food markets to be explored. Local dishes by local people can be tasted and small souvenirs can be found here. Local hidden cafes - One of the reasons people visit Barcelona is for it's weather. Sunny and Warm weather is especially enjoyable with a good lunch or drink. Luckily, the city has lots of small open air cafes and restaurants. Some hidden ones are El Jordi bar, Can Deu Civic Centre, Antic Theatre.


Campo de' Fiori - Fun local street vendors and farmers, fresh local produce and all is surrounded by the grocery shops that are run by families for hundreds of years. This is a definition of Campo de' Fiori. Must visit sight for visitors as well as locals. Trastevere - Up to this day Trastevere holds its definitive characteristic in style and architecture, which is embedded historically. With narrow streets and delicious food scene, it is a sight to recommend. Quartiere Coppede - Not all Roman Architecture is obvious and in the same style. Stepping behind the main Quartiere Trieste. you can find a unique hidden neighbourhood combining several styles in one and worth a visit. Janiculum Hill - To view Rome from the height, Janiculum is one of the top choices by locals and visitors. Named after god Janus, the hill also carries historical importance. Up to date the hill holds a cannon which fires once a day to tell the time.


Dean Village - Often times guests of Edinburgh are not exposed to the beauty and peace Dean Village presents. It is a lovely walk with historical monuments and silence of nature. It is even better on Sundays, when Stockbridge is hosting with lively and colourful farmers market. Leith Port & Newhaven - Leith Port is a historic location of Edinburgh to be explored. The area is also the birthplace of alternative and artistic culture. With delicious choice of restaurants Leith is a go to location. Neighbouring sight, Newhaven, presents interesting architecture and fascinating history. Meadows Park - From lake to stadium to public park, Meadows is one of the most popular locations where locals enjoy running, barbecue and sun. It is a great place for guests with families, especially during various festivals. Portobello Beach - Where to enjoy delicious ice-cream, a cold drink while enjoying the sun? Portobello beach and local cafes surrounding the area is a perfect answer. Just 30 minutes away from the centre, Portobello opens up a chance for guests to relax, and is a great sight for dog owners and families.


Soviet Arcade Museum - It is not easy to entertain kids and travelling families always looking for fun family activities. Soviet Arcade Machines museum is a perfect spot for families have some fun, while experienced a step back into history. Stalin's Bunker - Soviet Union was the biggest player in the WW2, thus to protect it's leader it needed to take all the measures necessary. The Bunker, which was built to protect Stalin and the highest government members from possible bombing, is currently a public museum for public to visit. Pokrovka Street - Just around the corner from main streets and alleys, Pokrovka street welcomes guests who are looking for small cafes and bistros. Hidden within the buildings visitors can find large selection of food and drinks and even local Russian pubs. Virgin Mary Cathedral - To view Rome from the height, Janiculum is one of the top choices by locals and visitors. Named after god Janus, the hill also carries historical importance. Up to date the hill holds a cannon which fires once a day to tell the time.

New York

NYC Subway Stations - Stepping into underground world of NYC subway provides view into the life of locals and how their daily move; as well as introduces 110-year-old history of the city. NYC Subway system is also considered the world's longest. Especially point of interest is the abandoned and beautiful City Hall Station. 1 $ Pizza - Some may say New York city is an expensive place to live. Although it may be true, it does not mean you can not enjoy some deliciousness for only a dollar or less. New York especially famous for it's 1 dollar 1 slice pizzas, which can be found in many locations such as Bros Pizza, Fresh Pizza, K Food and more. Central Station - Just around the corner from main streets and alleys, Pokrovka street welcomes guests who are looking for small cafes and bistros. Hidden within the buildings visitors can find large selection of food and drinks and even local Russian pubs. Local neighbourhoods - It is no secret that NYC is one of the most multicultural cities in the world with minority communities and their vibrant and diverse neighbourhoods. This was portrayed in movies and pop culture as well. Exploring neighbourhoods like Chinatown is a great option.


Smallest Dance Club - Everyone knows how vibrant and lively Berlin's nightlife and alternative culture is. However, if anyone is not a fan of big crowded clubs, there is a perfect alternative. Teledisco is a phone-booth that is transformed into coin-operated Disko. Vegan Heaven - More and more people are switching to Vegan or Vegetarian diet for various reasons. Luckily Berlin offers a wide range of choices for these travellers. For guests who are looking to dine at higher-end vegan restaurant, Cookies Cream is a popular choice. Flirt like in 20s'- Did you know that flirting over the phone is not a thing done by millennials only? In fact in 1920s' ballrooms had phones on the tables to talk with other tables. Visitors can experience it for themselves by visiting Ballhaus Berlin. Digital Eatery Coworking - Freelancing and distance-working lifestyle is becoming a norm. Travellers are just in need of their laptops, phones and Wi-Fi to earn living while travelling. If visitors are looking a for a place to grab a coffee and food, while accomplishing their daily tasks, Microsoft Digital Eatery is a perfect match.


Madrid - Authentic Shopping Experience Madrid is known for a good and vibrant shopping scene. However for more local shopping experience and for an alternative choice, visitors can visit Adelita Market. Park of Bunkers - From busy city and all that noise going to the quiet park is incredible. Birds, Trees and Nature can be enjoyed at Parque del Oeste. This place becomes more special, when counting the Historic wars happened here, with preserved bunkers. Bakery by nuns - Craving some sweets? Looking for local bakery? What can be more authentic and local than buying bakery made by nuns. Although visitors cannot see nuns themselves, they can taste delicious produce made by them at Corpus Christi.


Alternative Art World - Everyone knows how famous Paris is for its art, with Mona Liza being the most obvious example. For visitors looking to an alternative, 59 Rivoli presents a unique opportunity. A space, that was squatted since 1800 by local artists, is currently an exhibition and art centre. Unique cinema experience - In rainy cold days, going to cinema is a great choice. However, coming to Paris and going to modern commercial cinema is not that special. Visiting one of the oldest cinemas, Le Louxor, in all its ancient style and glory can turn an ordinary experience into unique French bakery tasting - The first bakery comes to mind, when we say French pastry, is croissant. However there is more than croissant in French cuisine. To taste French produce by local farmers and entrepreneurs, visit the largest market of Paris, Marchel Raspail.


Enjoy a tea pot like a local - Summers are very hot in Baku, but it is fairly bearable in the evenings with lovely breeze from Caspian. No matter how hot it is, Azerbaijanis love drinking tea. This experience is especially enjoyable if experienced at the café on the Baku Boulevard, like many locals. Local Food Experience - Want to enjoy real Azerbaijani food like a local? Avoid central fancy restaurants and ask your Airbnb host or concierge where he/she goes with family to have local food. One of the most famous locations is a restaurant called Tandir. Beyond Baku - Visitors most of the times visit Baku only when they visit Baku, yet there is much more to Azerbaijan than just the capital city. If you are staying for several days visit lakes around Ganja, explore history of Sheki or dip your body into crude oil in Naftalan. If you only have a day or two, take a trip to Mud volcanos or Gobustan.

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