Unique things to do for Valentine's day

Make this Valentines special!

The cheesiest time of the year is coming up soon, you can either buy your other half a box of chocolates and some flowers to show your love or do something that will be a lot more fun for both of you and will bring you closer together. Experiences are usually a lot more cherished than objects, remember back to the last holiday you took? How much more joy does it bring you than the last gift you got? You can gift that feeling to your partner for Valentine’s day this year instead of something they are very likely to not use, yes, I’m talking about that teddy bear you are thinking about. Unless it’s 8 feet tall, then always get a teddy bear!

Here what I would love to do for Valentine’s days with my other half!


The Hogwarts Express

If you both love Harry Potter this will be a romantic fangirl moment, travelling through the beautiful countryside in Scotland , seeing the iconic filming locations and enjoying chocolate and champagne.Hogwarts Express

wedding ring

Making Your Own Wedding Rings

This might not be for everyone, but, if you are planning on getting married , what better way to propose or just spend “the day of love” other than with your future spouse creating a symbol of your union? Be prepared to get your hand dirty and most likely sore but this is guaranteed to bring you closer and you will leave with two beautiful rings for your wedding. Two in one , Valentine’s day out + and gift as well as a not having to worry about ordering rings for your wedding. Edinburgh, London


Kokedama Instead of a Bouquet

Everybody loves flowers but it’s always sad throwing them out when they die a week later. And isn't that a horrible symbol of your love? Why not create something together that will last and will be a forever decoration for your home. If you’ve watched Marie Kondo (if not what are you doing?) only keep things that spark joy! Anyway , Kokedama is is similar to the art of Bonsai, with this one though you wrap its roots with soil and , literally meaning “moss ball” and then creating a living plant sculpture, that you will need to nurture, just like your relationship! Isn't that romantic? Berlin, Edinburgh, London

dance class

Dance Class

What's more sexy than a partner who can dance? That could be you and your beau. I know what you are thinking “ But, I can't dance”. Nobody can until they learn, or in a very rare occasion they are actually talented. Not only this will bring you closer but there is nothing more attractive than your partner being daring and trying new things. Trust me, even if you are horrible at it you will still have a looot of fun. I would suggest starting with salsa. And who knows, you might find a new hobby, be amazing and become the most famous dancer that ever lived!

chocolate making

Chocolate Making

You probably guessed the theme by now. Don't buy the chocolate, make it together! You will create something tasty , hopefully learn to bake (if that's what you are looking from a partner) and spend time having fun together, usually you get free drinks and gift wrapping for your chocolate). Edinburgh, London, Paris

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