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Frequently asked questions

What does the trip include?

Your trip will differ greatly depending on what you choose and what you want included in your trip. You can message your Travel Creator directly with your specific requirements and they will add all the elements you want to your trip.

Where does Travel Creators currently operate?

We are a global platform, meaning our Travel Creators can help you plan, customise and book any trip any where in the world.

How do I know which travel experience is the right one for me?

Every trip or experience has a page of its own which includes a description of the trip, its length, the itinerary, the from price and more. Our travelers can thus better decide the travel experience better suits your needs and interests. You can also communicate with the travel creator for more Inspiration, customisation and specific requirements. Our travel creators also provide information about their niche expertise in their personal profiles.

How personal is the travel experience?

Your experience, your way. Travel creators will do their best to adapt to your needs, style of travel, special occasions and work with you to make this your trip.

I can't find a trip that ticks all my boxes. How do I get in touch with a Travel Creator Directly?

Get in touch with us and we will put you in touch with a Travel Creator suitable to your travel requirements

Is my data protected?

We have adopted protective and security measures to keep your personal data safe. We do not share your personal data with any third party advertisers or similar bodies.

I have more questions:

Please get in touch

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Changes, Refunds and Cancellations

Travel Creators are transparent around any changes, refund and cancellation policies and all other necessary points in our T&C.


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