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About me

I was born and raised in Reims, a small town in the region of Champagne, France. After graduating from a business school in Paris and do internship in several foreign countries, I realized how much I liked traveling, meet and exchange with people from different cultures. This is why I moved to Barcelona in 2006 and start working as a tourist guide during high season and explore the world, especially South-east Asia, over the winter months. In addition to guiding locally in Catalonia, I start leading and guiding educational tours in European countries( France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and England) in 2010. Guiding is my full time job and I love that… But I am also a sport passionate. I love anything related to mountains, trekking, running and I practice yoga for 16 years. I am a mum of a 4 year old boy and he's now part of all my adventures!

My top local tips


*** Be open to brand new flavors, like fried little fish, fried calamari, Orxata (Catalan drink), Romesco sauce.... *** Try the crowded tapas bar where there no seats available. Go to the bar, stand there, smile, and be ready to speak with your local waiter and maybe to all the people that surround you! *** Forget about diet! Eat and enjoy !! You'll have time to workout after your holidays


*** Be open to get lost in the alleyways of the old town to find great spots. ***Take your feet or use a bike for hanging around, Barcelona is not that big. *** Don't show up at dinner at 7pm, you'll only find tourists. Go at 9 pm, and if you are traveling with kids, be ready to do the Spanish Siesta, this way they can handle the whole trip smiling!

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