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We offer all kind of travel B2B services in middle east to our partners around the world. Our team commits to provide all elements of your travel in an efficient, cost effective and ethical manner. Meet & Greet services Standard Meet and Greet, Silver, Gold & Platinum. Individual & Group Visa arrangements at the airports and borders Transportation services Standard & VIP luxury Transportation services from 04 seats to 49 seats vehicles Tour Guide we provide professional licensed, with well-knowledge guides, and for those who love having self-explore, we can provide spot local guides Restaurants we offer different kind of restaurants with international and local cuisine. Local life we give the travelers chance to experience local life, with special arrangements included in our packages Activities, offered and arranged in natural reserves, desert land escapes, water sports and many other; activities meet with different ages. Accommodation, we provide best accommodation services for the requested category and budget, we choose our suppliers carefully to meet the client’s expectations. providing boutique small comfort hostels to high-end luxury hotels. Packages, we offer Classic, adventure, Combined and religious packages, as well as we offer tailor made trips for honeymooners, families and friends. We offer one day tours, guaranteed departure and private holidays. Mice services we make full arrangements for Meetings, incentive, conferencing and exhibition.

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Food in Jordan 1. Mansef; the traditional food in Jordan is Mansef, to enjoy the perfect experience shall try it with local family. 2. Maqlouba which literally means up side down, possible to arrange a cooking class during your stay as Maqluba's drama is all in the presentation 3. Humus and Falafel, As beloved at breakfast as for late-night snacks, falafel balls are often stuffed into warm pita bread for a quick sandwich. 4. Bedouin tea and coffee Has different taste in Petra and Wadi rum 5. Zaarb, with a long tradition as pastoral nomads, Jordan's Bedouin people have developed a cuisine that's perfectly adapted to cooking over desert campfires. A hearty meal best eaten under the stars, zaarb is a dish of marinated meat mixed with chunks of vegetables, then baked in a pit lined with hot coals and covered over by sand. 6. When it comes to the sweets, kunafa will be a brilliant idea, A crisp layer of pastry threads tops tangy cheese or cream in this popular dessert, which is said to have spread across the Levant with Ottoman rule -- along with the thick Turkish coffee that's a perfect pairing with the syrupy treat. 7. sayadieh, a dish of fish on flavorful rice with onion, tomato, and chili pepper. Order it in Aqaba.


1. Petra Prepare to be amazed by Petra. One of the New7Wonders of the World If your feet aren't too sore during the visit, make your way up the roughly 850 rock-cut steps to the legendary Monastery. The impressive structure, tucked in the hills, is well worth the journey. If you thought Petra was incredible during the day, wait until you see it after dark. Reserve tickets to the Petra Night Show to see the Siq and the Treasury lit by more than 1,500 flickering candles. Hot tip: Wear comfortable shoes, clothes, cover your head from the sun and have sunglasses & water. 2. Dead Sea Floating in the Dead Sea is a quintessential thing to do in Jordan. Hot tip: Avoid getting Dead Sea water in your eyes at all costs. The intense salinity (10 times saltier than the ocean!) stings worse than you can imagine. 3. Wadi Rum Also known as the Valley of the Moon, You can ride camels, have Jeep safari tour, take hot air balloon, star gazing and sleeping under the stars. Many options for accommodation, however sleeping in Martians or bubbles is the best. Buy bottle of Sand art as a souvenir. Hot tip: wear comfortable clothes to be able to enjoy the activities, cove your head from the sun and wear sunglasses, at night might get cold get jacket. 4. Jerash Nothing feels more like traveling back in time than visiting the Jerash ruins. Hot tip: There's almost no shade in this archeological site. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and a sunhat to keep yourself protected from the harsh rays. 5. Aqaba Float, swim, snorkel, or dive — you can do it all from Aqaba. You can also get out on the turquoise water on one of the daily cruises 6. Amman After getting your fill of the ruins, see the vibrant culture of modern-day Amman with a sightseeing trip along Rainbow Street. The popular promenade boasts atmospheric cafés, fantastic people-watching opportunities, and souvenir shops galore! 7. Ancient Mosaics of Madaba While sightseeing in many destinations demands you look up, the opposite is true in the historic trading city of Madaba. The city is home to the "largest number of mosaics discovered in their original location in the world," many of which are located on the floors of churches and buildings around the city. You can buy Mosaic to keep as souvenir from the shops.


1. Best Time to visit Jordan is March to June & October to December. 2. Be aware of dress codes In order to respect cultural norms, women should wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid wearing anything revealing. As for men, it is important to bear in mind that it isn’t acceptable to walk around topless at any point in time. At Dead Sea & Aqaba resorts you are free to wear whatever you like, 3. Jordan currency is Jordanian Dinar, ATM's are widely available in Amman & tourist destinations. 4. Jordan visa can be obtained upon arrival for non-restricted nationalities. 5. Jordanian's speak Arabic & English. 6. Locals are very friendly, you shall have local experience during your trip. 7. Alcohol is legal, Smoking shisha and cigarettes is common 8. Bring a reusable filtration water bottle 9. Pack a Scarf, or better buy Jordanian Shmagh to keep it as a souvenir after your trip, on a hot day, it might be a good idea to cover your head to avoid getting heat stroke – this is especially the case when visiting a desert tourist site like Wadi Rum or Petra 10. Photography permissions Jordan is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic regions in the world. The locals are often happy to pose for your photographs as well. But before attempting to take any pictures of them, always ask for permission first, especially when women are present.

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