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Travel Lover! Love seeing the world, meeting new people, trying new foods and local cuisine and of course inspiring others and helping other travel the world their way! They way they want to. Travel is unique to each traveller, not trip or experience is ever the same. You make it trip as magical as it becomes. The trips I have created have been mainly for myself and my life partner!Our desire to explore and travel where we are accepted and welcomed. They way we all should be.

My top local tips


BRAAI! BRAAI! BRAAI!! Head to DIE STRANDLOOPER in Langebaan for a 10 course seafood braai (BBQ)! Toes in the sand, local music, make use of all the things around you to eat and enjoy your meal. A MUST DO!


For magical views of Cape Town and surrounds,I recommend taking a little hike or two! The views are incredible and the walk /hikes all becomes worth it when you get to the top.


Magical sunsets at Bakoven in Cape Town! Its a local hang out and possibly the best place to enjoy a few drinks and snacks while watching the sunsetting over the ocean! .

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Photo Photoshoot Capetown

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