Moscow, to get or not to get guided?

How a storyteller can help you fall in love with the city

What are we missing?

If you asked me four years ago "Would you book a guide to explore a city?", my answer would have been a definite no. I have lived in 4 different countries and travelled to more. Although I experienced amazing people, food and have great pictures to prove it, looking back I cannot say I learned much about the cities themselves.

Two trips, two impessions

The first time I visited Moscow was in 2013, as a leisure traveller for about a week. Enough time to explore the city and get invested in its culture, history, and social life. Yet the only thing I remember from that trip was wandering around aimlessly and taking pictures. When people asked me after about Moscow, I’m embarrassed to say now, would tell them it was not worth the trip.My second trip was more of a ‘bleisure’ trip; I was attending TravelTech Conference Russia organised by Valentin Dombrovsky. After the event I planned to explore the city. I was speaking with our suppliers who had recently joined our platform, and they happily invited me on a local tour. I took three tours with 3 amazing guides - Moscow City Tour; Metro Tour, and Kremlin Tour, and in those six (two hours each) or so hours, I learned more than I could have ever imagined, and enjoyed every minute despite harsh weather. I fell in love (belatedly) with Moscow.

guards change

More than an experience

The time I spent falling in love with the city was not just of cultural value. I realised that the mental break from work emails, and my computer generally, refreshed my brain, and I was more productive and more creative when I got back to my hotel room. The wholly enjoyable learning process of my guided tours gave me new ideas for my business, and helped me to see opportunities where I hadn’t seen them before.

"THE Trip"

At GETGUIDED, we have been working with amazing people such as Clare W from Spectra DMC and Matt W from Carlson Rezidor, who’ve given us the privilege of serving their corporate guests. The feedback we’ve had from guests of our partners and their clients about their booked experiences has been phenomenal; the corporate travelling teams had really bonded, and the road warriors were refreshed and appreciated the trip. Making a corporate trip more enjoyable and productive doesn’t necessarily mean having an extra luxurious hotel room or first-class flight. Something as simple as a local guided experience will turn the "yet another trip" to "THE Trip"

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