Top 3 things you should do in Baku

Visiting Baku, Azerbaijan? Read this first

Originally from Baku, Azerbaijan I never stop exploring my hometown and love inviting friends for a visit. Discovering new cultures and introducing people to mine is my hobby. Here are my three picks from my culture I wanted to share with you.


Try local cuisine, Dolma

Dolma is one of the most popular dishes in Azerbaijani cuisine, and one of the most iconic ones. There are two types of dolma, the "Classic" ( Yarpaq Dolmasi) which is grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice or “Three Sisters” Dolma ( Badimcan Dolmasi)- stuffed eggplants, tomatoes and bell peppers. Both kinds of dolma are delicious and will introduce you to the local taste of Baku. Ask for a yogurt & garlic sauce to enrich this dish (sarimsag qatiq).

old town

Visit Old Town and go up the Maiden Tower

Probably one of the top tourist attractions, as well as favourite place for locals to hang out and rediscover their city. Full of history ( Icerisheher) dates back to the 12th century. You can take a walking tour around Old City, or just wander around on your own. It’s quite easy to get lost in there, but don’t worry people do live in the old town and will help you out if you find yourself lost. The Maiden Tower, is a symbol of Baku. There are many legends and tales about this tower, and the truth still remains a mystery. Currently this tower is a historical museum, and if you go in and climb to the top, you will get a pretty amazing view of the city.


Stroll down the boulevard

Baku gets insanely hot in summers and to survive the heat people head to the beach. But in case you are in the city a nice place to spend your evening is Baku Boulevard. Stroll down the boulevard after the sunset and enjoy the summer breeze. Get some tea in one of the cafes with some local home-made jam ( murebbe)..

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