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Hi! My name is Cavid. Born and raised in Azerbaijan originally (till age of 15), I moved to Turkey and TRNC to pursue my college/university education, BSc in Business. Later I moved to UK to do my MSc in HRM and started a business afterwards. It is a nice mix of cultures & 4 languages from childhood. I love music, sports, debates and people.

My top local tips


Edinburgh restaurants, bistros and cafe offer wide range of variety of dishes from around the world. If you are looking to taste traditional Scottish Haggis, White Heeart Inn on the Grassmarket is popular amongst the visitors and locals. Around the university campus you can find budget friendly establishments, whereas the New Town is extraordinary for fine-dining.


From iconic Edinburgh Castle to famous St Giles Cathedral there are many beautiful and historic sights to see and explore. On a rainy day you can spend the day in the National Museum of Edinburgh and on a sunny day you can visit the Botanical Garden of unique flora and fauna.


Edinburgh has many hidden and not so hidden gems. Visit the Dean village, New Haven and Meadows park to avoid crowds. If you want a bit of an adventure and observe the city from the top you can climb the Arthur Seat or the Calton Hill.

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